Fleur – Final Mix Complete. Next?


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The journey continues …

We finished the final mix of Fleur on Friday, with one a Jedi sound mixer joining the team for the day.  The mix is dynamite. We have two small color tweaks to make to Fleur after the weekend, and I have to finalize the credits … and then voila, the movie is done.

To say this film has been on an unbelievable journey would be the understatement of my life. When I tell people what happened, all the disasters, debacles, incidents, chaos, the story from Day 1 through now, they all say the same thing — THIS is your movie.

Not Fleur, mind you, we have not even screened the film yet — they are talking about the crazy three-counrry experience of making Fleur … starting when our Indiegogo campaign went live in LA three years ago through right here, right now, working in Roma, with a professional award-winning motion picture production team who put their heart and soul into the mission, who successfully morphed a sad little Red Skies project into Fleur.

Next, a test screening of Fleur in a theater in Rome. The short is done and final, of course, but the name of the game is to see what our target demographic thinks … and then refine the concept, if need be, for the feature. The script is in better shape than I thought. When the first producer told me “It’s great,” I thought I misheard him. I thought we needed a complete re-write. I was ready to throw it into the river. Then, after a few days of meeting, reading, revisiting the script in Roma, I began to realize that the script is OK.  We have a unique concept, story and characters. We also have things to do – but it’s there.

Truth be told, during the crazy multi-year, multi-country journey to finish my first short film as a Director, and all the drama and debacles that came with it, I lost confidence in myself and the project. But now, after seeing Fleur on the big screen, and the reaction of the one (1) non-crew member who has seen it … we’re OK.

I am a week away from solidifying the outline, then, I hand the script of to a European screenwriter to refine and polish, and ensure Flower’s journey through Italia captures the essence of the country, not an LA director’s version of the essence of the country.  Last week, we started taking meetings, a process that will accelerate now that Fleur is done.

And finally …. a word about casting –

Other than the aliens, we have not even began to think about casting the feature.

One lesson I learned from the short and, in fact, the ‘orders’ I received from our executive producer —  as Director, I am not allowed to talk to anybody about casting the feature outside of an audition. All casting will go through US and UK casting directors, period at the end of the sentence.  This point was proven in Roma last week, when a producer literally pulled an actress away from me.

The reason is simple — time.

If I have play casting director, and have a conversation with an agent, manager or whoever about the feature — that conversation will become a tidal wave of people and requests, and I will not be able focus on mission #1, which is to successfully direct my first feature film.

So, if you are one of my many, many actor friends or clients, please, please, please do not be offended when I tell you I can not/will not talk about the cast of the feature right now. When the time is right, we will make it clear how and where to submit for roles. But I can not talk about casting now, under any circumstances. Please understand.

Okay cats, thank you for reading, and following the adventure of our movie, and movie to be. More later!!  😎⭐️