CNN is lost in reality-TV high-school twitter nonsense land.


On the CNN web page, today, Saturday, July 1, the #1 story, the big CNN headline, is the fact that Donald Trump called an MSNBC TV host “dumb as a rock.” Of all of the stories to cover in the world, CNN believes the most important issue to be discussed by Americans is Donald Trump calling his personal enemies names on Twitter.

AND on the CNN web page, today, Saturday, July 1, Story #5, the following seven words in small print –

“Trump on North Korea: Strategic patience is over.”

Apparently, in CNN’s reality-TV high-school twitter nonsense land, the fact that Donald Trump called a TV host dumb is far more important than a formally announced foreign policy shift that could result in the deadliest war on the planet since Adolf Hitler gave it a go.

Look, I’m no Donald Trump supporter.  I didn’t vote for him.

But at the same time, American media has become the same bitter animal they accuse Donald Trump of being. And if they really think Trump is crazy or mentally ill, as the pundits assert from time to time now — shouldn’t the North Korea headline be at the very TOP of the CNN webpage in giant letters — not buried?

Regardless of whether President Trump is crazy or not – he is the Commander in Chief. If he wakes up on Tuesday and decides to hit Pyongyang — warplanes take off with bombs on the wings on Tuesday, and CNN gets no say about it. It will be too late to make policy changes through public discourse, and people calling people dumb on Twitter will suddenly be as relevant to Americans as the price of tea in Afghanistan in the year 1023.  Hear me?

But apparently, no matter what else is going on in the world, it is more important for CNN to throw rocks at Trump than to report anything of substance. This hateful approach is exactly what happened with Bill Clinton, when the red team could not bring themselves to discuss anything about the US that did not involve a cigar and a blue dress. The #1 goal back then was to get Clinton out, at all costs. Now, same scenario, only reversed.

Hate vs. Hate. And meanwhile, the people who suffer from this ridiculous perpetual visit to reality-TV high-school twitter nonsense land are us. Americans.

But perhaps — if this idiotic media circus distracts us all enough — the Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and Russians will suffer greatly as well. We can all suffer and lose loved ones together.

But then again, wars give networks ratings, no?  So, maybe it’s all good.

Sarcasm:  off