Fleur Feature Script, Roma Draft V1 = Done.

IMG_5156 copy

After literally starting over with a blank page six weeks ago, and then carefully reincorporating elements of my old script piece by piece, rewriting and working on it non-stop ever since I got back from Rome, last night … I finished what we are now calling “Roma Draft 1.0” of the script, for our feature film formerly known as Goodbye Blue Sky.  Aka the feature film version of our short film, Fleur.

The process of transforming the setting of the story from San Francisco to Rome took serious writing time, but was not as difficult as I imagined it would be. The story arc is largely the same as it has been since Day 1, but the new Italian setting made Flower’s story come to life in new and unexpected ways. In addition to English, we will also have some Italian language in the film, and just a touch of Japanese, which is awesome.

I sent the screenplay for our lead producer to review and approve last night.  If all goes according to plan and I haven’t suddenly become a terrible writer, we’ll send the script to the core team for review and discussion this week, and we’ll keep going.

The mission continues!