Commentary – The Tracy Morgan Comedy Special, Netflix.


In 2014, comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured in a car accident. And by all accounts, “seriously” is not a strong enough word, the dude got horribly smashed in a horrible wreck, and he ended up in a coma.

Last night, I watched Tracy’s comeback comedy special last night on Netflix, from start to finish. Initially, truth be told – I didn’t watch it out of a passion for comedy specials, I don’t watch them a lot. Moreso, I watched out of respect for the fact that Tracy was able to not only recover from the crash, but actually get on stage and perform again. Morbid curiosity, if you want to spin it another way.

Anyway – when the program was over, I felt like I had just watched something truly amazing, and truly special. But what made it amazing is not the fact that this comedian has conquered a devastating physical and emotional injury and somehow got on the comedy stage again.

No — I was amazed, because Tracy was, simply put — fucking hilarious.

Halfway through his show, I forgot he had ever been hurt, until he mentioned it again, in the context of a joke. He’s back. For real.

I’ve only met Tracy Morgan once, he has no idea who I am.

But dude, Tracy – wherever the fuck you are, whatever you’re doing — congratulations.

You did it.