ADDED – Fleur, private screening – Wilkes-Barre, PA

Before we screen Fleur in Tokyo, I’ve decided to add a 4th private screening of Fleur, in Pennsylvania, for my family and a few close friends.

Typically, one shows a short film to your family and friends on a computer, or television screen, and you call it a day. However, since it took us three years, three countries, two versions, tons of money and time, and a crazy amount of effort by a lot of talented people to execute the vision … I’m actually not allowed to show Fleur to anyone on a computer screen or TV right now, per contract. True story.

So, my friends, we’re going to screen Fleur privately in a theater in Wilkes-Barre, and until the actual release of the movie, we’ll abide by Rule 1 – screen Fleur on a big screen with a great sound system, only.


RSAN12 copy