New project, Italy

Yesterday, I joined a new team to help produce another motion picture in Italy. There is much to do, and like any film anywhere ever, things could crash to a halt at any given moment for no apparent reason.

The caveat is there because — as every filmmaker knows — exactly 77.7% of all of the known rules, principles and laws of the universe do not apply to motion pictures. This includes everything to do with logic, money, and/or predicting any event, audience response and/or weather condition on-set more than fifteen seconds into the future. But so far, so good, I’ll try my best to help my new colleagues bring this movie to life, and we’ll see what happens.

As an aside – After two years of studying Italian seriously, I still have a lot to learn, but a big shout out to the designers of Rosetta Stone Italian, whoever and wherever you may be — you guys rock!