Review – Hardy Bucks (Ireland)

According to Wikipedia, “Hardy Bucks is an Irish media series, filmed in mockumentary style and following the fictional exploits of a group of young Irishmen living in small-town Ireland.”

No. That’s not even close. Wikipedia fail.

Hardy Bucks is 30-straight minutes of complete freakin insanity and random nonsense … punctuated by moments of unbelievable comedic brilliance.

Look cats. This show is funny. I guess you could compare it to Trailer Park Boys (great show). But not really. You see, this show is so bizarre that it almost defies description.

I spend every episode staring at the TV, wondering “Who did this? How did this become a show? Is this a show? Is the Viper the greatest character ever created, or a lunatic who wandered on set? Isn’t this illegal or immoral under Irish literary tradition somehow?”

BUT THEN, without fail, when I least expect it — there is a moment of comedic genius. A moment where you hear or see one of the fucking funniest things that you’ve ever seen on television. More than once, a line of dialogue or scene has brought to the point of laughing through tears. However they do it, these writers/actors have moments where the performance is nothing short of magical.

And that is the brilliance of this show. However long it takes each episode to score a goal – that goal does come, and when it does, it’s a goal in the World Cup. And you almost never see it coming.

Once upon a time, I studied at Trinity College in Dublin for a summer, I love Ireland and the craic. But whether anyone realizes it or not — Hardy Bucks is 19 levels of insanity past anything the Irish people have ever produced. That includes Oscar Wilde on Monday mornings, Zooropa, and Sinead tearing up the Pope photo on TV. The new standard for Irish chaos has been set.

And perhaps, for comedic brilliance as well.

Well done, lads. Your show is great!