Review – Hardy Bucks (Ireland)

According to Wikipedia, “Hardy Bucks is an Irish media series, filmed in mockumentary style and following the fictional exploits of a group of young Irishmen living in small-town Ireland.” No. That’s not even close. Wikipedia fail. Hardy Bucks is 30-straight minutes of complete freakin insanity and random nonsense … punctuated by moments of unbelievable comedic brilliance. Look […]

New project, Italy

Yesterday, I joined a new team to help produce another motion picture in Italy. There is much to do, and like any film anywhere ever, things could crash to a halt at any given moment for no apparent reason. The caveat is there because — as every filmmaker knows — exactly 77.7% of all of […]

Scene – The last thing on the list.

INT. APARTMENT – DAY The phone rings. KELLY, a 20-something woman with short red hair, picks up the phone. KELLY: Hello? MATTHEW: Kelly? KELLY: Yeah. Who’s this? MATTHEW: This is Matthew. We were in marching band together, at West Chester. KELLY: Are you the drummer who used to wear the Cleveland Browns hat all the […]

Learning Italian.

Once upon a time, I helped produce a motion picture in Italy. It was an amazing experience that set off a chaotic and wonderful events, that continue to this day. Then two years ago, I considered getting serious about learning Italian. I had tried to learn language before, and failed. Perhaps the mere idea of […]